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Story School - Week 9

Welcome to the ninth week of Story School!

We're so glad you and your child are here to join us for Story School. If you haven't had the chance, be sure to introduce yourself and your child on our Family Learning Space.


Each week, we will focus our learning around specific early literacy and language skills as well as social emotional skills that prepare your child to thrive in school and beyond. We'll have a big message and big question to discuss together. Reflect on the message and question, and then follow the steps below throughout the week.


Our message this week is: Everyday moments are learning moments. Children can develop planning, problem-solving, and other executive functioning skills through simple, everyday routines like getting dressed or preparing a meal. Practicing mindfulness during daily routines can provide opportunities for learning, bonding, and appreciating our world. Our question is: What is your family’s favorite routine?

Our message this week

Everyday moments

are learning moments.

Our question this week

What is your family's favorite routine?

Step 1: Watch the Story Lesson