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Story School - Week 9

Welcome to the ninth week of Story School!

We're so glad you and your child are here to join us for Story School. If you haven't had the chance, be sure to introduce yourself and your child on our Family Learning Space.


Each week, we will focus our learning around specific early literacy and language skills as well as social emotional skills that prepare your child to thrive in school and beyond. We'll have a big message and big question to discuss together. Reflect on the message and question, and then follow the steps below throughout the week.


Our message this week is: Everyday moments are learning moments. Children can develop planning, problem-solving, and other executive functioning skills through simple, everyday routines like getting dressed or preparing a meal. Practicing mindfulness during daily routines can provide opportunities for learning, bonding, and appreciating our world. Our question is: What is your family’s favorite routine?

Our message this week

Everyday moments

are learning moments.

Our question this week

What is your family's favorite routine?

Step 1: Watch the Story Lesson
Session 9 | Sesión 9
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Step 2: Join our Live Learning Group

Check your email for the exact time and date, as well as a link, for your group's online Story Hour. 

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Step 3: Homework on the
Make Way for Books App

This week, we’re learning how everyday routines are powerful learning opportunities. Your homework is to tackle one of the messiest routines there is—cooking a meal together!


Continue learning with the Make Way for Books App. Here are our suggestions for the week. Don’t forget to follow your child’s interests and explore, mix and match, and most of all, have fun learning!

If you don't have the app yet, you can download it now!

Read Now on the app!


Make a shopping list

hw template (6).jpg


Make a shopping list together by cutting out pictures of food from a grocery store ad and gluing them onto index cards. Make a hole in the corner and attach them together with a pipe cleaner or some string. If you use a pipe cleaner, you can re-use your list by adding and taking out item cards for your next shopping trip!


While you're making the list together, talk about how much of each item you're going to buy and how you're going to eat it (Is it an ingredient for a dish? Do you eat raw or heat it up?).

What your child is learning

Literacy opportunities are everywhere! Something as simple as a grocery list is a great literacy item that helps your child understand the practical, everyday use of print. How would we know which items to buy, how much they cost, or the ingredients without literacy? Grocery lists are a great way to connect the real life applications of print in everyday, regular interactions.

Make play dough

hw template (5).jpg


A fun thing to do on a rainy (or not so rainy) day is play with some dough! Below is a fun no-cook recipe you and your child can make together.


Let your child help measure and mix the ingredients. You can point out the numbers and words in the recipe and help them follow the directions. Once the dough is mixed, provide your child a space to play. You can put a plastic placemat or tablecloth on the kitchen table or put the dough on a large baking sheet. Give your child a rolling pin, potato masher, a child-safe plastic knife or scissors and/or cookie cutters and encourage them to roll, mash, pinch, pull, cut and shape the dough.


Let them come up with their own ideas and encourage them to talk about how the dough feels and what they are making. Activities like this help your child develop and practice many of the skills they need to succeed in school and in life!



2 cups plain flour

1 cup salt

1 tbs oil

1 cup cold water

2 drops liquid food coloring or half a packet of a powdered drink mix (like Kool-aid or similar)


1. Combine plain flour and salt.

2. Add water, food coloring or powdered drink mix and oil. Mix until ingredients are combined.

3. Knead well.

4. If consistency is too wet add a little plain flour.


NOTE: Make sure to take into consideration any allergies before using this recipe!

What your child is learning

  • To control impulses while going through the steps of the recipe

  • Awareness of the rules of print

  • To measure and make comparisons

Take the same route home

hw template (4).jpg


If possible, try to take the same route home each time you go out. Point out familiar objects that your child might recognize. "Look, there's the yellow house. Now the tall tree is coming up!"


With your toddler, try creating a map of this particular route. Provide materials such as markers and crayons and allow your child to depict all the familiar objects on the map. While en route, encourage your child to follow along with the map and point out each familiar object as you get to them. Foster print awareness by pointing out common street signs! Encourage them to include them on their map.

What your child is learning

At this age, your toddler may not be able to create a map that you can actually decipher. That's okay, because they're still developing their print awareness, spatial awareness, and early writing skills, and it gives you an opportunity to play! Let your toddler lead the way as you both follow their map!

Step 4: Keep track of your child's learning

As you complete each activity or read a book together, your child is learning and gaining important early reading skills! Be sure to mark each activity and book "done" to add them to your child's learning journal in the app and keep track of their growth!

First, make sure to add a child in the app's settings page. When you mark a book or activity done, you will see a screen the one on the left that will give you the option to add it to your child's learning journal. Add a note, new vocabulary words, and a picture!

Step 5: Reflect and connect with families

What did you learn this week?

Join us on our Family Learning Space to post your pictures and videos and to connect with other Story School parents and caregivers.

We want to hear from you! Use the our Family Learning Space to share your thoughts, talk about your experiences, and ask questions! 

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