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Story School - Week 8

Welcome to the eighth week of Story School!

We're so glad you and your child are here to join us for Story School. If you haven't had the chance, be sure to introduce yourself and your child on our Family Learning Space.


Each week, we will focus our learning around specific early literacy and language skills as well as social emotional skills that prepare your child to thrive in school and beyond. We'll have a big message and big question to discuss together. Reflect on the message and question, and then follow the steps below throughout the week.


Our message this week is: We grow with grit. We can help children develop perseverance by emphasizing that mistakes and challenges are all part of the learning process. Our question is: How do we work through challenges?

Our message this week

We grow

with grit.

Our question this week

How do we work

through challenges?

Step 1: Watch the Story Lesson
Session 8 | Sesión 8
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Step 2: Join our Live Learning Group

Check your email for the exact time and date, as well as a link, for your group's online Story Hour. 

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Step 3: Homework on the
Make Way for Books App

This week, your homework is all about the alphabet. Tell the story of your family, letter by letter, by creating a Family Alphabet.


Continue learning with the Make Way for Books App. Here are our suggestions for the week. Don’t forget to follow your child’s interests and explore, mix and match, and most of all, have fun learning!

If you don't have the app yet, you can download it now!

Read Now on the app!

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Family Alphabet

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Make a Family Alphabet! Tell the story of your family letter by letter! For each letter of the alphabet, share something special about your family. It can be anything! "A" is for the apple pie we make together. "B" is for the books we read at bedtime... Your child will love choosing each letter of your family story!

What your child is learning

Learning the alphabet is fun when you make it your own! Children are naturally motivated to learn about themselves and their world. Making a family alphabet is a fun way to gain Alphabet Knowledge, an important early literacy skill. It also helps children develop emergent writing and narrative skills.

Sing the ABCs

hw template (9).jpg


Sing the alphabet song with your child. With your child, write out the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase and as you sing the alphabet, following along with your list.


Try singing the alphabet in different ways. Slow it down or sing it using a squeaky mouse voice. Have fun and be creative together. Ask your child if she can think of a silly way to sing the alphabet.

What your child is learning

  • To identify alphabet letters

  • To imitate and enjoy rhymes

  • To engage positively with you

Letters on your back

hw template (8).jpg


Use your finger to draw letters onto your child's back. Eliminate the frustration of waiting and create a game in the waiting room! See if your child can guess the letters you are are drawing. Personalize the game and try writing out your child's name. Offer your child writing materials and paper and see if he can mimic each stroke onto the paper.

What your child is learning

This is a simple way to turn an everyday moment into a learning moment! Waiting around can be terribly boring, especially for children. This is a fun way to pass the time together!

ABC Hopscotch

hw template (7).jpg


Draw some hopscotch squares on the ground with chalk. For this game, write one letter in the middle of each square. Some good ones to start with are the letters in your child’s name. For a little extra challenge, mix upper- and lower-case letters. When the squares are ready, call out letters for your child to jump on.


You can also encourage them to jump on a letter and tell you what it is or to call out a letter and then jump to that one. As your child knows more alphabet letters, you can find a word to spell out with the letters and help your child jump and spell at the same time!

What your child is learning

  • To enjoy accomplishing tasks and sharing accomplishments

  • To identify alphabet letters

  • To coordinate movements like hopping

Step 4: Keep track of your child's learning

As you complete each activity or read a book together, your child is learning and gaining important early reading skills! Be sure to mark each activity and book "done" to add them to your child's learning journal in the app and keep track of their growth!

First, make sure to add a child in the app's settings page. When you mark a book or activity done, you will see a screen the one on the left that will give you the option to add it to your child's learning journal. Add a note, new vocabulary words, and a picture!

Step 5: Reflect and connect with families

What did you learn this week?

Join us on our Family Learning Space to post your pictures and videos and to connect with other Story School parents and caregivers.

We want to hear from you! Use the our Family Learning Space to share your thoughts, talk about your experiences, and ask questions! 

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